Shelley and Craig Heppell Owners of Green Gully Organics

So we hear you're interested in Joining one of our Co-Ops.

Hi I’m Shelley, and this is my hubby Craig

And yes we are holding bananas – don’t ask why, but the photographer insisted it looked good.

We’re the proud owners of Green Gully Organics and wanted to quickly say…

Congratulations on making a decision to create a positive move towards a healthier lifestyle.

You’re just one mouse click away from enjoying fresh organic fruit and vegetables (grown right here in Victoria).

All you have to do now is simply fill out the registration form and before you know it you’ll be savouring the delicious flavours of real organic food. 

But before you do you need to understand something unique and special about Co-ops.

You see, the thing is the members of the Co-Op are there to help each other as a group to gain buying power and therefore lowering their costs.

So to join the Co-Op we ask for a commitment from each member to be a regular user of our services.

Most Co-Op members are either weekly or fortnightly. 

We do this to ensure the Co-Op remains viable for both the Co-Op and ourselves. Without a commitment of regular support from the members we are simply unable to keep our costs down for each individual Co-Op.

We hope you understand.

If you’re happy to commit to either weekly or fortnightly ordering from us, then click the big green button below and complete the “Register” section on the next page – it only take a couple of minutes.

It’s important that you need to choose a ‘Box Hostsuburb that works for you.

When we receive your registration we’ll send you the details of the collection point for the ‘Box Host’ and all other details you’ll need to start enjoying real food again!

The way food should be.

Wait a minute.

I’m not quite ready yet to save money and enjoy the delicious taste of real juicy wholesome fresh organic food 🙁

Can you please take me back to your homepage?


(c) 2017 Green Gully Organics